Enjoying a holiday in the French Alps is very easy when you’ve booked your transport package at a local tour operator. La Tania is a small town in the Courchevel area in the French Alps and is a fantastic place to visit to get a sense of the magnificent snow-covered peaks. Once you’ve arrived here, you’ll be looking to do a bit of everything, so here are four of the best ways to make the most of your time here.

The trade winds

Most of the towns in the French Alps have thriving markets. Even so, when you’re on holiday in La Tania you really shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit the market – it is a great experience. You’ll find cheese and fruit and vegetables, confectionery, leather goods, clothes, and all sorts of interesting things. The stalls are quite small, which makes it easy to quickly make your way through them and get back to the accommodation poolside.

Altitude sickness

The greatest challenge you’ll face when on holiday in the French Alps is to avoid getting ill by drinking lots of water. Make sure you take care of your medication and find out whether you require any special precautions before you travel.

Learn to ski

Don’t underestimate the value of having a few lessons when you first arrive in the French Alps. It’s not difficult to go on slippery surfaces, but you’ll be glad of them when you’ve got nothing to worry about but your skills! In Courchevel, for example, you’ll find a couple of schools, one of which is complete with experienced instructors. You can also find everything you need to learn to ski in Meribel, and also some lessons in ski schools. Whatever level you are at, you’ll find a resort that’s close to the school. Again, it’s not worth rushing through the French Alps if you’re not used to being on the piste, but Courchevel and Meribel are both great places to get some excellent lessons.

Late treats

If you don’t feel like being active on holiday in the French Alps, there are still plenty of things to do. Some of the best scenery is found in the forest areas, and it’s possible to find yourself on guided treks or wildlife walks. One of the best parts of these walks is that they are about equally suited to beginners and experienced walkers, so you’re not going to be out of the way of anything. Slopes are also available, should snow conditions become dangerous for you.

Here just some of the many activities you can try when staying in your chalet

Skiing, Snowboarding, and Snow diving

Skiing and snowboarding are both fantastic activities to do when staying in your chalet. La Tania is home to several fantastic resorts, from which you can enjoy these fantastic activities! They are, however, also great places to learn to snowboard and ski, so you will not need a guide to teach you!

You can also take a snow Dive adventure! This is a relatively new breed of activity for snowboarders and snow divers, but it’s rapidly gaining popularity. As a rule, snowboarders will fly down the slopes on a motorcycle, without the assistance of a ski instructor. Snow diving is the same, but the diver performs the move without the assistance of a ski instructor – below this, you will need to flow with the flow of the snow and air!


When you want to get out on the snow and move, you can get yourself a snowmobile, which is a lot of fun! Elongates the body in a way that is reminiscent of riding on the back of a buffalo, and you can feel the speed at which you’re moving down the slopes – and all the while, feeling the cold! When you want to go skiing, you will find that a snowmobile is the best way to do it!

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