My reportage on the US-Canada Border was resulting in heated exchanges from all parties. Let me start with the prime reason for joining the graying demographic that has made Canada one of the most desirable choices in North America. Border crossings between the US and Canada are the busiest they’ve ever been to. People can travel north from the US and cross into Canada in a little under an hour, every hour or it seems like it takes them an extra half hour. The thought of sitting in a border station and waiting on a couple of hours while they slowly make their way through customs and then Junior Agency Checkpoint if they have crossed earlier in the day still makes me uncomfortable.

Differences between the countries

While crossing into the United States from the UK, I was surprised to find that the United States and Canada have different Search Engines. It seemed to me that the Canadian search engine was designed to find the least expensive airfare and so the price would be more in keeping with common North American airline fares. Since the date was not far off, I couldn’t go wrong by booking a flight from the UK to Canada on a discounted airfare, plus I booked a hotel to pick me up in Toronto. As it turned out, the lowest fares available were for flights on American airlines, not Canadian. Maybe I won’t be booking my next holiday on American Airlines, but there are certainly Lesser-Known Airports for which I might take the risk.

The search engines make frequent errors, and sometimes they get it right. Just after I had booked my flight from the UK to Canada, a lady at the gate waved us through customs and on to the flight to Canada. It wasn’t too far into the airport before an American passenger called out her flight number and then vital information. It must have been the Queen’s English because it was shouted out so loud by everyone at the airport. We barely made it over the Atlantic before we had to return to the real world.

We are told that 7 million tourists are traveling between the US and Canada every year. American Express the travel arm of the US charter schools in Toronto markets it says, “Traveling to Canada is an inexpensive way to visit the CN Tower, The Great Hall of Fame and the Skydome. You’ll discover a country of contrasts, with beautiful historic resource-rich cities, the steamboat whistle became famous and the Hotelatre in Niagara Falls trended at the Riviera. It’s from here I begin my journey on the federally designated scenic route.