Spain is the largest of the three sovereign states that make up the Iberian Peninsula and also the third-largest in Europe. It was a British colony until 1802 when it was declared an independent republic. Spain is bordered to the north by France, and by Portugal to the east. Its coast consists of the Mediterranean Sea, with the Atlantic Ocean on its side and the Caribbean Sea on its other side.

The southwest coast of the Iberian Peninsula is called the Costa Blanca and surrounds the city of Barcelona. The strip of coast is called Costa Natura, which has a collection of quaint villages and holiday resorts. Tourism is an important industry in the area, with the Andalucían economy dependant mainly on it.

The Best season to visit Spain

The east coast of Spain is called the Costa del Sol and is home to the popular resort of Benidorm and the ancient capital of Cadiz. The season of good weather ends in May, however, the north coast continues until September. The area is also very popular with skiers and every level of sport takes place here. Water sports are available too, along with golf, motorbikes, and different water sports that include jet-skiing, parascending, surfing, and yachting. There are also some places in Spain where you can make diving as well.

The cost of living in Spain is reasonable as are the necessities, food, and drink being cheap. It is an all-year-round vacation destination.

National parks of Spain

Spain is famous for its three National Parks which are situated in and around the country. The most popular destination is the Bay of Naples with the national park of Corcovado and the Marino nature park. The other two parks are the Veciana National park and the Tuscany nature park.

The coastal parks especially Costa Blanca National Park, Costa del Sol, and the Sierra Nevada mountains are rarely visited by tourists, although they provide a great place to relax in the warmth of the Mediterranean.

Spain is also a great country to learn yoga and Pilates. There are many instructors in private classes, along with well-stores selling books on yoga and Pilates.

Popular smaller resort towns in Spain are Playa de Palma and Palma Marina, not only for holiday villas but also for that of accommodation. The two Marina resorts do have a thriving nightlife, beach parties, and music bars.

Costa Blanca is a nature reserve that covers the northern area of Spain. The reserve has nearly covered the whole coast of Spain to maintain its rich flora and fauna. Especially the Costa Blanca National Park is very notable.

The country is characterized by its Mediterranean climate with a summer rainfall, which is a bit lower than the rest of the Iberian Peninsula. It boasts of a coastline of more than 4,000 kilometers, which stretches from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. Thanks to this, the area not only has a rich cultural heritage but also “climate art”.

Visitors will surely find more than enough to do during their holiday in Spain. So organize your holiday and get lost in the romance of the nation!

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