What makes you an eligible applicant for applying for an f2 visa? Either it would help if you had your spouse living in the US having an F1 Visa, or you should be an underage unmarried child of parents residing in the US. F2 Visa is a non-immigrant dependent visa requiring the right to locate in the US to the nearest relative of an F1 student visa holder.

Getting the f2 Visa stamped demands a tiring process, multiple attempts, and unrelenting patience. Most often, the process doesn’t go out as smoothly as one has anticipated it to have been. For some, it takes more than two months to get through the f2 visa stamping process. We have incorporated the entire process and the f2 visa interview questions that you need to go through to get the f2 Visa stamped.

Exact F2 Visa Interview Questions with Answers

You need to pass a detailed interview process for the f2 visa stamping process. The interviewer, aka, the consular officer will ask you questions starting with your name to learning why are you going abroad.

We have included the f2 visa interview questions that are asked into f2 visa stamping process, in case the F1 visa holder is your spouse. A sample answer has been attached along with.

VO: May I know what kind of Visa you are applying for?

ANS- I am applying for f2 Visa.

VO: Will you please give me your I20?

ANS- Sure.

VO: What is your husband/wife currently doing in the US?

ANS- He/she is currently doing his Optional Practical Training under a US-based firm.

VO: In which year did he/she join the company?

ANS,- 2018.

VO: From which university, did your husband/wife complete his masters?

ANS- He/she has pursued the degree in masters from PQR University.

VO: On which year did you husband/wife leave for studying in the US?

ANS- April 2016.

VO: When did he graduate?

ANS- September 2018.

VO: Where is his/her current residency?

ANS- He/she is currently residing in (say the name of the place)

VO: Did he/she recently change his residency?

ANS- Yes, he/she has recently moved to this place.

VO: When did the marriage take place?

ANS- December 5, 2019.

VO: Please hand me your marriage certificate?

ANS- Yes, please.

VO: Did you have an arranged marriage or a love marriage?

ANS- We had a love marriage.

VO: For how many days did your husband/wife stay here for the marriage?

ANS- He/she had stayed for three weeks for the marriage.

VO: On which date did he/she leave for the US after the marriage was over?

ANS- He/she left for the US on December 16, 2019.

VO: What will be the source of your financial stability?

ANS- My spouse is earning from his Optional Practical Training. That will able to support both of us.

VO: Why are you visiting the US?

ANS- I am visiting there to meet my husband/wife and spend some time together.

VO: Congratulations, you have your Visa approved.

So, this is a basic outline of what consists of the f2 visa interview questions. All you need to do is to reply to each and everything correctly with confidence. Be careful with the dates, and the name of the places. If approved, you will receive the passport with f2 visa stamp within a week or two, but not more than that.

Document checklist for F2-Visa stamping

The entire process of f2 Visa demands a careful supplication of all the essential documents and proofs, which would provide evidence about your identity and minute details about F1 visa holder – bank statement, employment slip, tax records and the like.

  • DS 160 confirmation and Appointment letter
  • Passport
  • F2 dependent I-20 along with the Extension applied for stem OPT
  • F1 I-20 with Extension used for stem OPT with His Passport (Colour Print)
  • Marriage Certificate and Your Wedding album
  • Invitation card of your marriage
  • F1 visa holder’s EAD card
  • F1 visa holder’s I-975
  • Salary slips for the last six months of the F1 visa holder
  • F1 visa holder’s Bank statements ( United States) for the previous six months
  • F1 visa holder’s Bank statements (bank in India) and bank passbook
  • F1 visa holder’s Offer Letter and Employment Proof from his employer
  • F1 visa holder’s Travel History and Recent I-96
  • F1 visa holder’s SSN (Social Security Number) copy
  • F1 visa holder’s Office ID card (XEROX)
  • Driving license for US Address Proof of the F1 visa holder
  • f2 visa holder offer letter, working in India.
  • f2 visa holder last six months’ payslip
  • f2 visa Holder Employment Proof Letter from current employer

F2 visa Stamping – Examining the background of the applicant

The evaluators carefully go through the applicant’s background before letting him/her have the f2 Visa approved. From residential information to marriage details and everything is verified and interrogated.

  • Consulate, Visa, location: You need to provide the place’s name and apply for the Visa.
  • F1 Visa Holder: In this section, you need to mention the person who has the F1 Visa – your spouse or parents. You need to say if the relevant person has applied for an extension and its progression.
  • Sponsor: The applicant has to provide details about the source of financial stability, once he/she travels to the US.
  • F2 Spouse: this section requires the information about the condition- financial and workplace details, of the F2 applicant.
  • Marriage Details: If you are travelling as a spouse, you need to show the marriage certificate and other necessary details. You need to provide details about when you got married when the spouse left for the US, and the changes you made in the passport.
  • DS-160, Interview Booking: you need to complete DS-160 online, and find the nearest embassy nearest to you. Next, you need to schedule your visa appointment, and then you need to attend the interview on the scheduled date.


Though the process is tedious, you should remain optimistic, since people, at many times, get their approval in the 6th trial. Remain careful about the documents’ assimilation, ensuring that you have missed none when you are going for the interview.


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