7 Best Hotels To Stay In Daringbadi

A hotel to stay in is always a crucial part of any trip. Daringbadi is frequently likened to Kashmir for its climatic similarity. This hill station, located in the Kandhmal district of Odisha, is situated at 914 meters or approximately 3500 feet above sea level. The name of the hill station is derived from a British officer named Daring Saheb, who was in charge of this hill station during the British rule in India. More than 50% of the population is considered a part of the aboriginal tribal races, a scheduled tribe community. Daringbadi is famous for its high quality of turmeric, which has been given the G.I. tag, and it is also famous for ginger harvesting. As such, here are some of the best Daringbadi hotels one can choose to book in a while on a trip to this mesmerizing hill station:

1. Nature Valley Eco Resorts

Nature Valley Eco Resorts Image

This hotel in Daringbadi is within 800 meters of the leading market and is spread across 8099 sq. meters of land surrounded by nature. This resort has 8 Deluxe Cottages and 6 Swiss Tents spread across 4840 sq. yards. This is among the most, if not the most eco-friendly, Daringbadi hotels to stay in. One can experience a bonfire and a tribal dance replete with barbeque and cocktails for an additional price. The Swiss tents here have mesmerizing views of the mountain and feature a big veranda for those who wish to sit outside and enjoy the food or tribal dances.

Located at Hill View Park Road in Daringbadi, Nature Valley Resort, unlike some other Daringbadi hotels, features free parking, free Wi-Fi, Airport transportation, a Business Center with internet access, children’s activities, a convenient in-house restaurant, and also allows for pets. Basic amenities like room service and kitchenette are also available. Like most Daringbadi hotels, prices here are pretty reasonable.

Hotel Utopia

Hotel Utopia Resort Image

For those on a budget, Hotel Utopia can be excellent value for money. Located at NH 59, Main road, the resort is spread across one acre and features 24 spacious and well-ventilated rooms. There is plenty of parking space. Some amenities include king-sized beds, an in-house restaurant, sightseeing, bonfire, airport transfer, as well as other run-of-the-mill amenities like 24 hours electricity, room service, intercom, master bedrooms, free parking, LED TVs, and water supply. Like most Daringbadi hotels, prices here are pretty reasonable.

Phulbani Nature Retreat

Phulbani Nature Retreat Image

This resort is close to the Barala Devi Temple, which is approximately 4 miles from the resort. Some of the more popular amenities offered include complimentary breakfast, an on-site restaurant, and a pool. Like most Daringbadi hotels, prices here are pretty reasonable. Pet lovers are in for a treat, as this resort allows pets, provided it is informed in advance. The cottages here are A.C. or non-AC as per the individual’s preference. Additionally, the resort also provides a bonfire. Phulbani is the nearest city to Daringbadi and is convenient for those who are going for only a short Daringbadi tour.

DEERS Eco Home

DEERS Eco Home Image

This hotel, like other Daringbadi hotels, offers amenities such as free parking, on-site restaurant, free Wi-Fi, first-class deluxe rooms, doctor on request, room service, free parking and kids’ activities. The visitor here recommends booking the west side rooms for a good view of the scenic beauty outside. Like most Daringbadi hotels, prices here are pretty reasonable. The food quality is good, despite the limited menu. The visitors have mostly positive things to stay, ranging from the ambiance and helpful staff to the ambiance of the location. Most of the rooms also feature an outdoor sitting area. The five-bedroom accommodation includes additional beds, a dressing table, and additional fans.

Utopia Resort

Utopia Resort Image

This resort is located near the sunset point and is surrounded by lush green mountains. In terms of amenities, this resort can give even some of the best hotels in Daringbadi a run for their money, with services like laundry and ironing service, an in-house coffee shop and restaurant, an outdoor dining area, and special rooms such as smoking rooms, mountain view rooms, and family rooms. The basic slew of amenities are available as well, and the rooms are well-polished and sanitized. The free breakfast is available as a buffet with complimentary tea. There are also family-friendly children activities available.

Hotel Mid Town

Hotel Mid Town Image

Established in the year 2017, Hotel Midtown, like other Daringbadi hotels, has become an ideal place for tourists to the kashmir of odisha. The hotel functions 24/7 like most other Daringbadi hotels. This hotel features a plethora of services like the in-house restaurant, parking space, and affordable rooms. The hotel accepts various forms of payments to ease out the payment process. The hotel has good ratings and reviews from visitors as well.

Raj Kamal Hotel

Raj Kamal Hotel Image

This hotel is located at a distance of 0.5 km from the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple and roughly 2 kilometers from the Phulbani bus stand. Despite being in Phulbani, this hotel is easily accessible and on par with other Daringbadi hotels in terms of distance and amenities. The hotel features 23 well-maintained and spacious rooms and a 24/7 water and electric supply. Some additional services offered by this hotel include round-the-clock room service, power backup, medical assistance, and wake-up calls on request. The front desk is also available 24/7 in case of any assistance.

All details provided courtesy of Tripadvisor and Justdial.

Questions From Tourists about Daringbadi

Is Daringbadi safe for tourists?

Daringbadi had a dark past, and several years ago, it was an active hub for the Naxalites. However, the presence of soldiers and police forces has reduced the frequency of any untoward incidents from the Maoists. For those visiting for the first time, a Daringbadi tour can easily be arranged from the Bhubaneshwar airport itself, as there are many tour companies offering this service. Although there were reports of two Italian tourists being abducted by the Maoists, one should note that they ventured into a restricted area despite being refused permission by the authorities when the latter was asked for permission.

When traveling alone, some areas are restricted, and one needs to get special permission from the authorities before accessing such areas. One can assume safety in the Daringbadi hotels. Although there are currently no Naxalite activities in Daringbadi, it is best to exercise caution and avoid leaving the city limits after dark.  With caution and restraint, it is possible to access the best places to visit in Daringbadi.

Is there snowfall in Daringbadi?

In winter, when the Daringbadi temperature falls below 5 degrees Celsius, one can experience frost and sleet. It is not technically snowfall per se, as the images in the media of the snow on the ground are actually frost due to the freezing of dew. However, the temperature in Daringbadi occasionally drops to 0 degrees Celsius or below, which is when light snowfall may occur. In most cases, it remains greater than 5 degrees Celsius, and therefore, what is seen is generally a combination of rain and snow or frozen dew. However, this temperature is still quite cold, and snowfall is still a possibility, so one should be inside the Daringbadi hotels or wear clothes to protect oneself from the temperatures in Daringbadi.

How far is Daringbadi from Bhubaneswar?

Daringbadi is at a distance of roughly 250 kilometers from Bhubaneswar. One can book a Daringbadi tour in advance to arrange the 5 to 6-hour long journey from Bhubaneswar to Daringbadi. Some other ways to reach this mesmerizing hill station include bus services and taxis. The latter can be easily booked from Brahmapur.

How can I go to Daringbadi?

Daringbadi can be reached from Bhubaneshwar via taxi or bus services, and it is circa 250 kilometers from the latter. The closest railway station to Daringbadi is Berhampur, which is roughly 120 kilometers from this hill station. Berhampur offers three routes for visitors seeking to reach Daringbadi, viz. through Sorada (NH -59), which is about 120 kilometers. Secondly, via G.Udayagiri (NH-117), which is a distance of about 180 kilometers. Thirdly, one can reach this hill station via Mohana-Brahmanigan, which is approximately 105 kilometers long. One can book a private taxi as well from nearby locations like Balliguda, Phulbani, or Berhampur. The distance between this hill station and some other major cities, such as Gopalpur, Taptapani, Phulbani, Balliguda, and Raikia, is 140 kilometers, 110 kilometers, 105 kilometers, 49 kilometers, and 30.5 kilometers, respectively.

Once you have reached the hill station, there are a wide plethora of Daringbadi hotels to cater to everyone’s needs, ranging from free parking to food and lodging. Most of these affordable hotels still offer basic amenities, so one should not be too concerned.


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