Off the coast of Cairns in Queensland, Australia lies the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef. This is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and is a huge blow to the tourism industry in Australia.

Fishing holidays in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef are a holiday experience that has been turned into a major marketing tool. A lot of companies are offering trip ‘ngo’ or the new indigenous people term ‘nogo’ for their tourism pitch.

To the untrained eye, the huge area that is habitat for some of the most incredible species in the world seems rather random. It has taken a long time to develop the industry to the international level that it is at today.

If you’re looking for a unique nature-based holiday then that’s hard to beat. You can go on a tour of the reef itself, with a local guide who will show you the detail and intricacies of the marine life. You can also go out on a jet boat, or the old fashioned dugout canoe. Some prefer the more traditional method of taking a couple of days, using a hut as astay, sleeping in a bed, and eating local food.

Here are a few good reasons to explore the Great Barrier Reef

The largest coral reef in the world is home to about 12% of the world’s corals and the reefs cover about 5% of the land in the entire world. There are around 40,000 reefs in the 12,000 square kilometers of the reef system.

Warm temperatures, over waitress grounds, make winter swimming in the reef preferable. The reef is winter at 0.9 degrees Celsius and in summer it ranges from 26 – 32 degrees Celsius.

reef depth does not vary much. Bondi beach is the shallowest and is only 2 meters deep. Theusterbury, across the famous Victorian Harbour, is the shallower reef.

Some of the most popular activities can be found at the popular holiday resorts further north.

At the popular holiday resorts further north, you can indulge in the luxury of a stay at a fashionable resort, shop for antiques and Victorian furniture, try the local cuisine or just hang out on the beach.

To the south, there are many superior resorts with imposing lodges. One of the best resorts can be found at Coolangatta on the Queensland coast. Here one will find a resort that caters to a mixed population of domestic travelers and adventurous tourists. There is a choice of moderate, quiet resorts or the lively and colorful holiday resort.

The southern Great Barrier Reef was discovered in 1958 by an underwater survey. It is longer than the Hawaiian reefs and is much larger than most people expect. The reef covers almost 1500 kilometers of the world ocean floor.

The magnificent coral reefs are a fantastic source of recreation and are protected by law. Many resorts have been built around the reef, some of the excellent resorts. Beachfront cars park on the reef car park are available for day use. Most lodges are often less than a half-hour from the reef.

Shops and resorts

One can find dive shops and resorts almost everywhere, providing experienced and uniques diving expeditions and services. Day trips up and down the reef are available either by luxury boat or by half a day walk.

Most resorts have good restaurants, nightclubs, and shops. The cool factor of the coral reefs always enjoyed by travelers makes them a favorite with honeymooners.

Many resorts are located on the beach, providing beachfront services. Hotels can be built along the beach, some even right on the beach itself.

Rivers around the reef provide excellent opportunities for rainforest treks and all kinds of water sport. The existence of strong water currents makes them excellent places for house boating and fishing.

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