It’s probably fair to say that the typical Gatwick Airport taxi driver will get more of an Amsterdam transfer than a Gatwick Airport taxi driver. This is because the Amsterdam transfer is so spectacular. If you’re tired from all that driving you can always take a tram or a bus into the city, or if you’re lazy and busying yourself with your carry on bag, get out and enjoy the sights.

The tram network in Amsterdam spans the city from Pulgothofferstraat to the waterways, stretching from Amstelpark to the aquarium. These are fantastic values for your Amsterdam transfer, giving you maximum transport without concerned hassle. As an example, a ticket for a tram from Terminals 1- 3 (Monaris, Waterlooplein, and victim) costs just EUR 6. You can also take a bus from Terminals 4- 6 (Arhow, Edam, Readapta, and Waterlooplein) for EUR 7 each way. A rule of thumb is1500 euros for the bus, 900 euros from the tram and 600 euros from a train.

Ride coverage in the city center

The tram stops at more than 90 sites in the city center. Here are a few:

• Slotenhuis(for a tram to Waterlooplein)

• Botterkon(for a tram to Aquarium)

• Mondrois(for a tram to the museum)

• Maarten(for boat tours and crayfish)

• Dammaas(for boat tours and crayfish)

Important: Buy informative booklets before your trip. Travel passes, as well as bus passes, are big discounts for this transport.

How to move around

The city has great tram and bus services. Starting from the center, you can either choose a hop-on, hop-off tour from the bus station tot he tram stop. To go from the tram to the bus, you need to take the specialized bus service (which takes a little less than 1 hour). The hop-on bus service is free, but the hop-off tour costs EUR 5.

Many people are not aware of the fact that you can travel at the same time from both the tram and the bus. When you reach the main square, you will see buses and trams heading to the two main attractions, while on the left side you see the trams going to the shopping centers and the three shopping islands. When you reach the center, you will see another set of buses and trams, and also buses and trams if you venture a short distance to the east.

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