When it comes to taking weekend breaks in the United States, many people’s pockets feel as though they are being “short-changed”. So why is it that cities in the country can have that sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the big smoke, while still being close enough to the amenities and amenities of five-star hotels?

City breaks in America are a great way to re-acquaint yourself with your city and all its many facets. You can break away from your usual hectic surroundings on a Friday night and spend the evening exploring the wonderlands of the city, before surprising yourself on a Saturday morning with a spot of shopping.

It’s a very sociable experience and it’s the perfect way to meet new friends. A city break is also the ideal way to meet locals and locals’ like you. You’ll be glad of the friendliness of the people you meet and the sense of locale that only a city break can provide.

Many hotels offer weekend break packages too, so you can always pick up a few nights in a great hotel, close to the scene and hub of what you care about. There are also city breaks in San Francisco and New York, where you can enjoy romantic weekends with those you love.

Remember though, a city break doesn’t mean a stay-cation, in our opinion. We do suggest that if you book your stay with a specialist tour operator, you may be better off traveling independently and staying at a locally owned hotel.

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