Nestled in the pantry, Hill 62 & 63 of the Shriumvulai Mountains, the birthplace of the renowned Indian Hindu poet, Rabindranath Tagore.

When India was young, Hill 62 & 63 of the Shriumvulai Mountains was the lands of Pandava rulers. After that time, it was turned into the lands of Tagore. Pandava was the family name of the addition king of that place.

When India was in its infant stage, Pandava was appointed as the Governor of that place. When he was away from here for a long time, a “Christmas bell” was delivered by a talented mason, bowling a perfect ball. The fame of the Christmas bell took the wide world by storm and the fame of Tagore spread throughout far and wide.

How many passengers can be there? 

There were many luxurious views houses there, as at San Diego shore while we been there. Way back then, the so-called luxuries of that time were many. There were rides in the Club Buses, trips on the toy trains, trips across the drylands to the farms, and so on. Every house had a cow, calves, and pigs. It was then that the marble meters were introduced.

It was the amazing marble meters that gave strength to the houses and departments. The departments also used marble meters for their food stores. All these wonderful luxuries were introduced at that time to offer the comfort of the marble. Today, marble has become obsolete. However, you can enjoy its beauty in numerous ways.

Paphos: another place to visit

Paphos is a wonderful place to visit when you come across old ruins. The area is crawling with ghost stories. My experiences as a child in the Crete hinterland were quite wonderful. My family used to sing a Dangol song and dance a lot. We went to many places and experienced many things.

The marble is now mostly quarried into blocks for the Tipaneion coffins. There are still some earlier examples of marble floors and marble decorated houseboats that you can see. Some manicured lawns and gardens can still be found in many parts of Paphos.

If you come across some websites or other researching the topic, you may come across the term Kato Paphos. King among the family homes in Kato Paphos is the Paphos Monument.

The house is located at the heart of Paphos and is a historical building sporting a lovely marble façade. The house was originally built in 1690 according to Norman architecture and was later enriched by the Gargouian family.

A visit to Kato Paphos is a must. Not only is it a wonderful building to look at but it is also said to house valuable information regarding the island. Visitors can also feel the spirit of the ‘Thingyan’ people by visiting the house.

The Monument stands at 40 meters high and is 3.5 meters in width, and is elaborately decorated with semi-precious stones. The roof of the structure is covered with large bougainvillea vines. On the ground floor, visitors can see paintings depicting life in the 18th century. ceiling types show scriptures and religious paintings in a neoclassical style.

Many Buddhist sculptures adorn the building. During the visit, you can see monks in saffron robes attending a religious meeting. Wery similar views and feelings I have in another Buddist country — Thailand, during my journey to Koh Samui island!

The next stop of our journey

After leaving the Paphos Monument you can visit the Nafplion Museum, a renowned art gallery housed in a neo-classical building in Nafplion. The museum has a good collection of antiquities, masterpieces of the French and German schools of arts.

To the north of the museum is the Bath of Aphrodite, a former sacred bathing place similar to the Eressa in Venice. There are still three pools, one of them being the largest western pool in the world, the others being the Summer and Autumn pools.

Summer Pool (aka Kato Paphos pool) has a side of Agios Nikolaos and is the only pool in Cyprus without a wall. It has a remarkable view of the island and mountains.

Autumn Pool (aka Zekryna pool) has provided Lemarakos with a rooftop pool exploring the Askos Valley. There is also an underground pool of water with a film gallery and a pool of salt. All the pools in Cyprus are open to the public.

Rab island is known for its beauty and many people decide to stay here year-round. 

Unfortunately, there are no modern shops or restaurants to speak of. Do not let this put you off!

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