If you have not yet visited Kauai, you are in for a wonderful treat. Located on the south side of Hawaii, near the Hanalei bay and beautiful weather, Kauai is a great beach vacation destination. Here you will enjoy wave after wave of white sand beaches. You will find that there are many beaches on Kauai, and all of them are simply superb.

Waimea Beach is a long beach with plenty of room for sunbathing and swimming. However, care should be taken when swimming in areas known for currents. In general, the safest area to swim in the north (windward) side of Waimea Bay. Maui is also a good location to swim; in fact, the waters of Maui are safer than most other bays around Kauai.

Strawberry Beach is on Kauai’s famous West Coast 

To get there, you must travel by boat, ferry or charter plane. Once at the beach, you will find visitors already forming an important community. Many of the hotels and resorts are along the beach, and there are numerous restaurants and shops. As you walk down the beach, you will find numerous vendors selling snacks and drinks. Many people choose to eat at restaurants and eat while on the beach. Almost all of the restaurants are seafood-heavy, as it is in the area’s top fishing port. There are numerous world-class resorts nearby as well, but if you want to stay off the beaten path, staying on Kauai’s south shore is a very good choice. Much of the island is designated as a state park, and there you will find quiet access to numerous incredible beaches. This is the area where many whale watching opportunities are best. Tourists tend to gather around the quaintly named Beach Park. There are hundreds of whales in the area, but the most famous ones tend to be residents of the nice waters of Hawaii – not too far away.

Places to Visit

If you venture far enough away from the beaches of Kauai, you can visit the quaint Hawaiian village of Princeville. Spring is the most popular time to visit Princeville, but it can also be very cold. In general, the nights can be quite cold. The best part of visiting Princeville is that the area has a very interesting mix of cultures. You can see Molokai Indian art on the traditional tribal buildings. If you visit Kauai, be sure to take a ride along the Nuklowai, a historic railway that runs through 19 areas of the island.

If you visit Kauai, be sure to take a ride on the famous Kauai Railway Span, the spectacular Grand Canyon Railway. Be sure to visit sacred sites like the Heiau and the USS Arizona Memorial. You can also take a wonderful tour on an old steam-driven paddlewheel train.

Outdoor Activities

If you want to venture out of your hotel or resort to the nearby mountains, you will find several fun outdoor activities. Eagle River Canyon offers the world’s only black sand beach. If you love tubing, rafting, and hiking, consider taking a trip on the railway.

The island of Lanai also offers numerous outdoor activities. Farther east than Kauai, the island of Molokai has wonderful hiking opportunities. The two designated visitor forests at Po’ipu and Wailea have lush, flowing forests that are popular for hiking. Both forests are near the bed of the Ruakahao River. On the way to/from Malau, be sure to check out the grounds that hold several bunky spots used for canoeing and other outdoor activities.

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