Pompeii, a city of special interest for people with a passion for diving. There are many excellent dive sites around Pompeii, including the dive center at Herculaneum and Roman ruins including the amphitheater in Pompeii.

Dive sites are available in a range of styles, though the more formal instruction courses, ‘PDS’ or ‘screw register courses’, are much the most attractive. The courses are designed to be self-contained and include night dives and liveaboards.

Postedges are marked and easy to find. The majority of the dives in the area are unusual, as Dive shops often sell post-trip courses and you don’t need to waste your time with the serious diving.

Famous islands

Mustago is the Pompeii of the Tuscan Archipelago; this is the name given to the group of islands that run off the coast of mainland Italy close to Pompeii. The islands are actually in the tropics and are cultured along the coast by the Gulf of Poets. Many of the dives in the area are seasonal feedings and shopping islands for the major shopping centers.

The courses are populated with experienced divers who understand the value of the following and are happy to teach newcomers the ropes. The dive sites are diverse and include a wide variation in marine life and available sea sports. One of the notable features of these islands and in the area of Pompeii itself is that the sea is only three meters deep, a dramatic drop from the sixteenth century. The exquisite restoration of the city has ensured these days that the majority of the city’s original buildings are intact and can be viewed. Students will have the opportunity to consider the logistics of restoration and the limitations of such a major project.

Picturesque places for diving

The dive sites around Pompeii are varied and include systems and routes that are specifically designed to meet the needs of serious divers. dives to Molise have twice as much choice as those to Portinibo. Here students will find that they have the chance to work with both the well established professional diving group or with other diving schools on short courses.

The convenience of the center is complemented by the range of other facilities that the Pompeii Diving School offers. A typical day in the shop will see students being able to familiarise themselves with the waters of the area and get to grips with the equipment that they will need to take diving.

During the afternoon students can return to the boat to dive into the depths of the Atlantic and begin to investigate the wreck that lies at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. The artifacts cleaning units, choose their own hands and are responsible for the care of the huge biological habitats that are responsible for the survival of this many thousands of year old ship.

Grade 5 and 6 students will be provided with an extended diving experience that will allow them to work with professional divers and make lifetime diving memories on one of the most exciting dives of their lives.

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