On a world map, the coordinates for the city of Liverpool are 53o latitude north and longitude 3o west. Liverpool is the UK’s eighth-largest city by population. The city is in the Mersey Estuary and is a part of Liverpool Bay National Marine Park. The harbor is around 4 miles in length and this is where perhaps the best and most dramatic diving in the world is to be done. In 1988 the Republic of Ireland became involved in the European Community through the European Monetary System and in 1996 EU accession.

Liverpool Football Club

Even before the Irish Orange Fortune picked up the Liverpool Football Club in 1972, the city had become an established firm in world-class diving circles, and some great figures from the diving world have visited the city throughout its history.

There are more dives in Liverpool than anywhere else in the world, even though it has only a little over one hundred years of industry in the area, and many of the world’s great powers are regular fixtures here. There are around 400 dives sites in Liverpool, and around 60 are administered by the LAC (Landsdales Congregational diving club). These are complemented by clubs based on the mainland, mainly out of Kloaded on the North Island, around 12 miles from Liverpool. Islands to the North and South of the city also cater to diving enthusiasts.

Inland the city has over one hundred beaches and the area is hugely popular with surfers (for obvious reasons). One of the most famous is Bondi Beach, where many surfers arrive and usually stay over the Christmas and new year period. From December to February it is possible to swim with the shark, rays, and wild tank life in an area that has become known as “shark town” and “iwaiiki” meaning ‘tails’. Another famous beach is Balmoral, in Katoomba, where swimmers and snorkelers can see a wide range of sea life, from schools of dolphins to manta rays, and even whale sharks, giant rays and turtles.

Problems of Liverpool

River views are complemented by the famous harbor view which sees the sparkling bay rise gently into the horizon, and the islands continue to Fiji away. Liverpool does suffer from some light pollution around the orbit but this is easily overcome using simple gravity control lights so that the pollution does not Intend to blight the view. Liverpool also has a fantastic indoor canal network with The Beatles venue at Pier 80 being a favorite.

International icons linked to Liverpool also include the dairy sandwich The Beatles, the Liverpool Football Club which kits at Goodison Park, the Anglican Cathedral, and the Steam Whistle Brewery. International tourist attractions include the International Concorde Centre, the Jet engine test track at St Monson, the 1960s football stadium with the Commonwealth Games, and the waterfront museum at Albert Dock. Ferry trips to the River Styx are a must for all Beatles fans.

To sum up, this is a city superbly situated on two oceans and an abundance of wonderful seafood. Combined with its fantastic nightlife, regular festivals and casual ambience, this city has it all to charm, countless visitors, into spending weekends and evenings in Liverpool.

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