Are you thinking about a holiday in Thailand? If yes, then you must be the most avid traveler. You must have completed all the necessary paperwork to clear your visa, otherwise, you will be landing in your hosts’ home country with an in cratered passport and huge air miles balance. You might be wondering how Sukhumvit and Nana’s commercial area became a travel hub. The answer is that Nana has a commercial airport, and Sukhumvit has a tourist area.

Bangkok as a commercial area

Bangkok took its place as a commercial area in 1998. The former was Dr. Bhirom Bhairav, the latter was Sukhumvit. The Airport was providing flights to and from India. The Government of Thailand was very enthusiastic about it and it generated a great deal of business.

After this, Siam Convergent Railway which is the licensed the same airstrip but it never ran full many dozens of passengers. Later it was taken over by paco mafflood ayas (PMA) insurgent railway. 

It was the death blow for Nana Commercial Airport. The Government claimed that they took the airport under the control of the Ministry of Transport after the railway was granted the plaza in 2000. There was a period of cooperation with both projects, but the partnership did not last long.

In 2006 the Thai Railways started its commuter service to Sukhumvit, they have run it since 2006.

The commenced work in May 2006 and it was to be completed in 2008. The amount picked up from the airport to the Railway was nearly $1 million CND.

Problems of the project

The project is not without problems. The entering into force of the contract has not been easy. Even the negotiating benches have not been laid down at the hotel. There seems to be a lot of work still to be done.

The Brunello site was also much delayed concerning the price. It is the Thai Railways has decided to build the extension at a different location to the original plan. The original plan was to finish the extension by 2006 at the latest. The extension will cost in the region of $3 million CND.

The cost per passenger will be $22 which is substantially more than the $15.50 that was initially quoted The railway company has also increased the number of free passes given to its passengers.

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