With the constant technological revolution, companies have been able to develop better products and provide world-changing services. As a result, new technologies are changing the world we live in. However, they are also changing the way companies operate, and for that reason, some job roles are beginning to become obsolete.

One of the leading technologies affecting today’s jobs is automation. In effect, as companies keep implementing automated processes, more people are losing their jobs. On the other hand, automation has allowed companies to increase productivity, as well as reduce occupational accidents.

With this in mind, it makes sense why most people wonder if they can keep their jobs in the future. This highlights the importance of being aware of today’s employers’ requirements. After the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, for instance, the need for digital alternatives was evident. For this reason, a lot more people started to pick up tech skills and prepare themselves to make a career change.

To clarify what kinds of careers are essential in the future, here’s a list of some jobs that are seeing a huge decline in demands. This list will not only help you discover if your current job role is going to persevere but also offers an insight into the most sought-after fields that can guarantee job security. 

Traditional Taxi Drivers

The use of mobile apps has revolutionized the taxi industry. Over the years, mobile developers have built sophisticated taxi apps that provide an outstanding experience to customers. Along with the changes in the world, people’s behavior is also different now. They prefer to use just one device that could help them accomplish all their tasks.

Mobile applications like Uber and Lyft are gaining popularity because they not only allow customers to book a taxi service but also schedule rides—highly cherished features by those with a busy schedule. Such apps also allow users to link their phone calendar to the taxi service. As a result, any address they add will be saved as a shortcut and they don’t have to add the same details over and over again. Booking a ride has become a piece of cake with the use of these kinds of mobile apps.

Given these points, it is essential to emphasize that traditional taxi companies are being taken out of the competition. For this reason, such employees are losing their jobs. In the same way, taxi drivers who are not tech-savvy are also left behind. 

Retail Cashiers

A few years ago, standing in a checkout line to buy your products was a typical exercise. However, the use of automated self-checkout services has put an end to the checkout lines. This has caused a great handful of cashiers all over the world to lose their jobs. As days pass and the tech industry continues to evolve, software engineers are developing even more sophisticated solutions. 

Today’s self-checkout systems use technologies like machine learning that allow them to learn from experience. As a result, customers will be able to receive personalized services provided by digital devices. The use of machine learning enables companies to engage and attract more customers. Companies will reduce their costs as they no longer need employees to accomplish checkout tasks.

Generally speaking, as the need for retail cashiers gradually declines, they will need to learn new skills that could help them to find new job opportunities. Learning in-demand tech skills like Python can be helpful for those who are at the brink of unemployment. Python, for instance, is an easy-to-learn programming language that allows developers to build general-purpose applications. With so many tasks that are accomplished with Python-competent employees, employers are surely keeping their eyes out for candidates with this kind of skill.

Traditional News Vendors

Traditional news vendors have been losing their jobs as newspaper companies are no longer printing their products. In order to be part of the green initiative, they have stopped using paper to deliver daily news to their customers. Newspaper companies have hired skilled web developers to build visually-appealing websites where customers can browse and check daily news.

The use of websites has changed the game. It is because today’s customers are able to use web browsers on almost every device. From smartwatches to smart refrigerators, they all are now able to have an internet connection and therefore, provide web browsing services.

In like manner, websites not only allow newspaper organizations to reduce costs on printing but also enable them to improve their advertising effectiveness. This greatly reduces the need for traditional news vendors.


As can be seen, the tech market plays a pivotal role in the global workforce. For that reason, it is crucial to point out that the industry will only continue to grow. With this in mind, many job roles will continue to be replaced by new tech tools or services. Big companies are investing more and more money on new technologies. Under those circumstances, we must be prepared for the upcoming challenges, even if it means swallowing the bitter pill when our current roles will no longer be needed in the future. Remember, you have the power to change what happens tomorrow so be prepared to grab every opportunity you encounter.