Suppose you are bored staying at home during these turbulent times and want to have fun at the Bank holiday weekend. You can go out on vacation to break the monotonous daily lives and truly live life for once. After the pandemic outbreak, it has been very hard to stay imprisoned inside our homes for so many months. Even, now as most countries have uplifted lockdown, individual countries were severely hit by the pandemic. These countries and the entire world for that matter have changed. The normal that we used to perceive before the pandemic is no more normal now.

So, it comes as a massive opportunity for any individual seeking to go on a vacation on bank holidays 2021.  But, then again arises the question What to do this bank holiday? Most people will struggle to plan their outings given the health crisis that we currently find ourselves in. To ease out the tough decisions, a top 10 list has been given below wherein there are destinations to visit in the next bank holiday.

Top 10 activities/attractions on Bank Holiday Weekend

  1. Visit the Natural History Museum:

If you are a history geek or an enthusiast of the world of the dinosaurs. Then, seriously consider visiting and experiencing the world of dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum. The displays on the show will completely cheer you up in the tough times and capture your imagination. It is highly recommended to visit this museum in the upcoming bank holidays in 2021.

Visit the Natural History Museum

  1. Watch the most popular sport in Manchester:

The National Football Museum, based in Manchester, is a great place for the sports enthusiast to visit. Football lovers especially should not leave this gilt-edged opportunity of a lifetime to spend their next bank holiday at this famous museum. This museum is only open to the public from Thursday to Saturday, meaning a perfect bank holiday weekend.

Watch the most popular sport in Manchester

  1. Get close to nature at Wilderness Wood, East Sussex:

This place is very famous for its cleanliness and quiet environment. The picnic spots, walking trails, and adventure playgrounds are the key highlights of this beautiful sixty-two acres’ land. If you are looking for a family outing, this is the perfect destination for a bank holiday weekend.

Get close to nature at Wilderness Wood, East Sussex

  1. Explore aquatics at SEA life, London:

This place is jam-packed with entertaining stuff to do and is a serious contender for all the bank holidays 2021 aspirants. This is a perfect outing for a group of friends looking to get respite from the daily boring lives. This place has Thames RIB Experience, The Slide at ArcelorMittal Orbit, among many other attractions. So, perfect friends are outing on the bank holiday weekend.

Explore aquatics at SEA life, London

  1. A romantic stroll at River Cam, Cambridge:

The stunning historic architecture, along with mind-blowing scenery, will turn the atmosphere romantic in a dime. If you are a couple and are looking to have a romantic vacation to further strengthen your bond. Then, River Cam, Cambridge is the most wanted place to be during these bank holidays 2021. Once, you visit the place and experience the atmosphere for yourself; you will never regret the decision for life.

A romantic stroll at River Cam, Cambridge

  1. Feel the vibes at Cornish Coast:

Polzeath, Polperro, St. Ives, and Tintagel have great villages and towns on offer to explore. The rock pools and the coast are the perfect area for couples to stroll around and feel at peace with nature. The best way to finish the day is to drink your hearts out at a cozy pub with your loved one. A great place to visit this year’s bank holiday weekend.

Feel the vibes at Cornish Coast

  1. Experience @The Drive-In at Liverpool:

If you are a huge movie buff and are bored of visiting the cinemas the old traditional way. Then, @The Drive-In is a place in Liverpool you ought to visit this bank holidays in 2021. The rates are minimal and come at around thirty-five pounds per vehicle which offers a money deal value. So, all the movie enthusiasts should consider this proposition this bank holiday weekend.

Experience The Drive-In at Liverpool
  1. Dolphins galore at Moray Firth inlet, Scotland:

The Moray Firth is a world-renowned place to see dolphins up close and personal. The most famous spot is Chanonry Point, where you can experience a dolphin’s beauty in the backdrop of the beautiful Scotland scenery. Go visit the bottlenose dolphins and Minke whales for an experience of a lifetime.

Dolphins galore at Moray Firth inlet, Scotland

  1. Picnic at Richmond Park, London:

The Isabelle plantation is a huge forty-acre sanctuary that is the perfect backdrop for a beautiful day. The stunning flora and fauna on display is a sight to behold, and it is sure to mesmerize your eyes. If you are a family looking for an outing, this is a nice place to visit.

Picnic at Richmond Park, London

  1. Get mesmerized by Stonehenge:

One of the most mysterious places in the entire Britain is Stonehenge. This has it all from an early form of the calendar to a sacrificial site. This place simply put just has it all to keep you captivated. This prehistoric stone circle to this very day remains a mystery to humans.

Get mesmerized by Stonehenge


So, the question of what to do this bank holiday? Should now be answered because all the places on the list are top-notch. This list features a variety of places for all kinds of groups and demographics. If you have a long plan for the weekend, then opt for a distant place to visit.

Similarly, if the plan is to venture outside for a single day, then that too is covered in the list. So, all now that is left is to make a budget, build a plan to have the best bank holidays, and go out on vacation, making loads of happy memories.


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